• MAGVIT (CVPR 2023) - The first vision transformer for multi-task video generation achieving state-of-the-art quality, efficiency, and flexibility.
  • Generative Transfer Learning (CVPR 2023)- providing one-of-the-first benchmark results on generative transfer learning by transformers.
  • MaskGIT (CVPR 2022) - The first Non-Autoregressive transformer for image synthesis
  • LeCAM-GAN (CVPR 2021) - A simple and effective regularization approach to learn robust GAN on limited training data.
  • MentorMix (ICML 2020)- A robust deep learning method for realistic noisy labels.
  • Future Prediction in Video (CVPR 2019) - The first model for joint path and activity prediction.
  • Text Image Residual Gating (CVPR 2019) - The first method for using vision and language modification for retrieval.
  • Eidetic-3D LSTM (ICLR 2019)- State-of-the-art of self-supervised video learning model.
  • MentorNet (ICML 2018) - Weakly-supervised deep learning method.
  • Self-paced Learning (NeurIPS 2014) - An implementation for self-paced learning used in our paper.

Data Set