Prospective Interns

Openings: looking for highly motivated Ph.D. interns. The positions are Google interns in Research based in Silicon Valley, United States (12-14 weeks). The internship will be impact oriented focusing on an open-ended research problem on computer vision (vision+lanuage and video understanding) and machine learning. For my recent work, please visit publications.

Preferred qualifications:
  • Currently pursuing a PhD degree in Computer Science or in a related technical field.
  • Hands on coding experience in deep learning frameworks (e.g., TensorFlow, PyTorch) and large-scale optimization preferred.
  • Publication record in top ML/CV/AI conferences.
  • Experience in solving real-world machine learning problems.
Hiring process: the incoming interns need to pass two phone interviews (research interviews). The interviw results will be evaluated by the hiring committee. As a result, I cannot comment on your case before you pass the interviews. However, I may refer qualified students to get interviews.

Former Interns

Junwei Liang  Junwei Liang Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University (Advisor Alex Hauptmann)
Zelun Luo  Zelun Luo M.S. Student Stanford University
Next position: Ph.D. student at Stanford University (Advisor Fei-Fei Li)
Yunbo Wang  Yunbo Wang Ph.D. Student Tsinghua University (Advisor Mingsheng Long)
Nam Vo  Nam Vo Ph.D. Student Georgia Tech (Advisor James Hays)
Jim Fan  Jim Fan Ph.D. Student Stanford University (Advisor Fei-Fei Li)
Alejandro Newell  Alejandro Newell Ph.D. University of Michigan (Advisor Jia Deng)
Serena Yeung  Serena Yeung Ph.D. Student Stanford University (co-hosted with Fei-Fei Li)
Next position: Assistant Professor Stanford University